Film buff/TV junkie/Ramblin' Man


I’m armed with a $100 laptop, a $25 editing software, and a library card. I was born a ramblin’ man.

Hi, I’m Aaron. Aspiring screenwriter and film enthusiast. I post short screenplays online occasionally. Sometimes I may post one here. However, until Paul Thomas Anderson calls (I’m still waiting!) I’ve made a career out of watching movies and TV shows. The pay sucks but, hey, I love what I do. So naturally, like everyone else on the planet I decided to make a blog to ramble about movies.

So what is a ramble? Well, it’s important to define, because it’s radically different from your standard ‘movie review’. To review something is to reflect back and write a structured discourse on it; whether it’s a movie, a book, a fast-food sandwich… You wouldn’t ‘review’ a sandwich while you were eating it, would you? A ramble is more messy. I don’t structure my thoughts, but rather, allow them to flow freely. I write my rambles using notes that I take WHILE WATCHING viewing a film, so they’re still fresh in my mind. This ensures that you get my best stream-of-conscious thoughts. Of course, being a wantabe writer, I do try to spice up my writing so that it reads well. This earth doesn’t need another review which simply says “Apocalypse Now” is good. Yes, anyone who’s not a water buffalo knows that! In my rambles I like to try and explain WHY the film is good (or maybe not so much). I do like to do a great deal of research before I watch a film so you can expect to see some trivia facts and tidbits in there too. But for the most part, my rambles consist of little more than me spontaneously ranting (or raving!).

So why read my blog? Especially when there are hundreds of far superior, and more insightful, blogs out there about film. Communication is what I love. Let’s start a dialogue about films. If you want to post an article or ramble to my site, just email it to me and I’ll post it (giving you credit of course). Want to simply shoot the breeze? Just send me an email or leave a comment. Films, even the great ones, aren’t here to be museum pieces. They exist to have fun with, to discuss, and sometimes to tear apart. So what are my qualifications, you are probably asking? Well I shot a horror film in my backyard when I was 12. So there’s that. And that’s pretty much it. But that’s the joy of cinema, you don’t have to be a scholar to be an expert.

Who am I? Well, I’ve been passionate about film since I was 12. I blame Quentin Tarantino and “Pulp Fiction”. I spent my awkward teen years watching as many movies as I possibly could. Most people would tell you that the highlight of their highschool years was going to the prom or making the football team. Mine was Peter O’Toole taking Aqaba in “Lawrence of Arabia”, or Orson Welles’ ferris wheel trip in “The Third Man”, or John Wayne wandering into the desert at the end of “The Searchers”.

So, what kind of films do I like. That’s probably where I should start, this being a movie blog. Well, I don’t believe in making lists. But yet… here one is. No compilation list of film is ever perfect. Nor, does any come close. I, myself, must admit to some level of personal bias. For certain filmmakers, for certain genres, and for certain eras. The horror genre is featured prominently in my list, a genre that I’ve always been drawn to. So is the work of Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, two filmmakers who’ve done no wrong in my opinion. My list, like all film lists – even those that claim not to be – is subjective. What follows are what I consider to be the 250 essential films in all of cinema. That’s a bold claim to be sure, and some would argue the necessity of films like “Death Race 2000” among the ranks of film history. It has it’s place. So does Kubrick’s grand masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The films featured have little in common, except that I believe them to be the best of what they do. Whether that goal is to lay bare the human soul, or to depict a world wrought with flesh eating zombies. I tried to spice my list with variety in terms of filmmakers, eras, and countries. However, as I said above, I’m drawn to certain genres and filmmakers, so you can expect to see some familiar names and flavors among my choices.

That being said, here are (laid out in IMDB list format) what I consider to be the 250 most essential films: MysteryBox 250

If you haven’t already, than I hope that my list inspires you to check out some of my recommendations. I’ve seen thousands of films over my 26 year old lifespan, and expect to see thousands more. I expect that this list will change from time to time. But never will my opinion change that these 250 titles represent the top of the class in world cinema.

I’m here to have fun and talk movies. Discussion is half the enjoyment of cinema. Talking to people who are just as passionate about film as I am. So enjoy my ramblings and feel free to contribute your own. I hope to see you around!